Congratulations on making your online dating experience more successful! Below is detailed information about the Virtual Make-Over service.

Virtual Make-Over ($187)

The basics - One 45 min. in-person or virtual middle age dating site we'll discuss your dating goals and how we will work together to achieve them through online dating. We'll work on concrete steps you can take to dramatically improve your love life. Below is a detailed description of the Virtual Make-Over service.

Cyber-Dating Savvy

Websites – Not sure where to start?  From the big ones - , , , the new site-- , to the niche options -- , , and , the choices are overwhelming. I've checked them (and lots of others) and found those with plenty of eligible RVA men. We'll identify what kinds of men you're looking for, where to find them, and get you on the right online dating sites ASAP.

Username – Catchy, fun, flirty, we'll figure out a username that will hook the right guy and have him wanting to learn more about you.

Photos – We'll work together to select those photos that show you in the best light, literally and figuratively. Or, if you don't have pictures that show off your best assets, then you and I can take some pictures of you at your favorite locales. If you're looking for a professional photographer, I can provide recommendations for outstanding photographers who excel at candid, flattering, and fun pictures.

Profile – We'll collaborate to edit and rewrite up to two online profiles that will best demonstrate your spirit, personality, and interests, and keep those winks, nudges, kisses, and messages coming.

Email – Not sure what to do after uploading your intriguing profile? I can help you write messages, respond to emails, and provide general online dating advice for one month.

Mock date - In addition to the services above, you'll have the option to go on a mock date with a single guy. We'll use his candid feedback to best tailor your online dating presence.

From Cyber to Actual Dating

RVA dating guide - Richmond a pretty amazing place with loads of interesting things to do, yummy places to eat, and it can be hard to figure out what to do when you've been on a few dates. Either the number of great choices is overwhelming, or you get stuck in a rut. To help out, I've developed a quick and easy guide to reference when you're stuck.

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Safe online dating – While I'm a big proponent of online dating, it can definitely be a scary world out there. I'll provide you online dating safety tips to help you avoid disclosing too much, too soon to your virtual suitors, and helping weed out the creeps.

Social media and smartphone dating etiquette - Texting, tweeting, liking, following, there are a thousand ways to say you care and a million ways to make a mistake. We'll work together to understand and navigate the social media and smartphone mediums.