1. I've gone on dates before and read lots of books. Why do I need to work with you as my dating consultant?

Think of it this way – When you're sick, you call your doctor. When your taxes are too overwhelming, you set up an appointment with your accountant. You take your car to the mechanic when it breaks down on I-95. He or she is the expert and saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars rather than trying to do it yourself. In the same way, why waste tedious hours culling through reams of books, blogs, articles, vlogs with conflicting advice to figure out what works? Why not consult with an experienced professional who knows the latest science of dating and attraction, proven flirting techniques, and solid relationship advice? I will provide you expert advice to help be successful in dating and finding a meaningful relationship based on extensive research and personal experience meet rich men.

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2. How is your service different than what I hear from my mom, sister, and best friend?

We work together to identify what's not working in your dating approach. Then, we collaborate to plan and execute the steps to be more successful. I am objective and committed to your dating success. I don't have any preconceived notions of who is right for you or where you should find him. I'm not here to make your mom happy or impress your friends. I'll give you a comprehensive and honest assessment, and we will work together to achieve your dating goals, step-by-step.

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3. Who are your clients?

Whether you're 21 or 61, single, widowed, or divorced, I believe everyone can find love! I help any woman who's sincere about being in a meaningful relationship and willing to make those changes to improve her chances to meet and keep the man of her dreams.

My clients include women who've recently divorced or widowed, and don't know where or how to start in the new dating scene. Texting? Liking? Tweeting? Huh?!? With my expert guidance, I help them navigate the unknown waters and quickly figure out what works for them to find the right guy.

Other clients have been single for years and know what they're doing is not working. They want to make the changes to move the needle of love in the right direction. Together we work to figure out what needs tweaking, develop a strategy to implement those changes, have some stellar dates, and then keep the good times rolling with the right man.

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4. Why should I consider online dating?

In our ever more complicated and busy lives, it can be very difficult to find your soulmate. Often friends, family, and contacts don't know eligible, attractive, single men that you would like to date, and the bar scene is not comfortable for you. Online dating helps identify those men who are looking for love and can help you filter out those who might not be right for you. Plus, it's the most efficient way out there to find your man.  and a -- pretty hard to beat those odds.

Still not convinced? Then we'll work harder to identify those single-men filled locales to practice your honed flirting techniques. You never know. Your next boyfriend maybe toying between the chickpea chicken salad and beef Wellington at the local  prepared food aisle.

If you want a good laugh about the whole online dating process, check out this (and then come back).

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5. I'm too old/young/jaded. I'm over the scene and am happy by myself. Why should I work with a dating consultant?

I don't think anyone is too young (as long as you are over 18 years old) or too old to find love. The idea of ONE Mr. Right is ridiculous, absurd, complete hogwash. There are lots of Mr. Rights out there for all of us. It's just a matter of presenting our best selves and meeting lots of men to find him. Oh, and a good dose of humor and patience helps a lot! https://meetville.com/catalog/us/3603/man-rich

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6. What is the length of the process?

    The length of our collaboration is entirely up to you. If you want a Virtual Make-Over, including reworking your online profile to better reflect your best qualities and attract the right men, we'll meet once (in-person or virtually) and communicate by email over the course of a month. If you would like more dating support and guidance, the Dating Success Guide package offers 4 months of email coaching and five in-person or virtual meetings. If none of these packages are appealing, contact me and we can create a customized package that fits your needs.

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    7. Is my information confidential?

    Your information is absolutely confidential. I do not sell, share, or otherwise divulge your information without your permission or otherwise required by law.

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    8. What about using a matchmaker? Are your prices competitive?

    If you're going on dates and you're not getting callbacks or second dates, or the dates never venture into long-term relationship territory, matchmakers can't solve that problem. As your dating consultant, we can work together to figure out what's not working and develop strategies to be more successful on those dates.

    With River City Romance, you are in control and I help you reach your goals for love. You decide which men you want to talk to, how you want to meet them, and where you want to find your soulmate. I don't try aggressively sell you high-priced packages after you waste your time meeting with me. You know what services I provide upfront and at what price. My prices are highly competitive with national dating consultants and there are no local dating consultants providing similar services. With my RVA-oriented services and hands-on individual attention, River City Romance provides the best value as a dating consulting service for busy professionals.

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    9. This sounds great! What are the next steps?

    I look forward to working with you to find love! The next step is fill out the contact form. We'll set up your free, initial consultation.

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    10. I loved working with River City Romance! How can I refer you to my single friends and family? Is there a referral bonus?

    Yes! I'd be honored to work with your single friends and family. Please have them fill out the contact form and include your name and phone number in their request. As a thank you for any referred paid client service, I will send you a $25 gift certificate to an awesome RVA business.

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