Dating in Your 50s – Get Out of Here, Literally!

In talking with single clients over 50, a recurring theme has been "I look and feel so much younger than my age. I can't seem to find a mature man with the same vitality as me." They workout, pay attention to their appearance, and do interesting things with their lives. They have a distinct and appealing brand. Unfortunately, they do't know where to go and how to look for compatible men.

Depending on the client, one of or more of these sites (, , ) would be a good place to start with a number of eligible and age-appropriate bachelors. Not sure where to start with an onlne profile? Here are some quick and easy tips. For more assistance, check out my Virtual Make-Over Service.

Another option is to be a bit more entrepreneurial. I started my business in 2014 and my success is due in part to telling anyone and everyone that I want to help single Richmond women find and keep love. Why not try the same approach? I encourage singles of all ages to let their friends and family know that they are looking for a meaningful relationship and are open to meeting single men.

But, it's critical that if friends or family members reach out to their contacts to set a single lady up, that the single lady preemptively absolves them of any bad dates, awkward experiences, and painful breakups. People are wary of playing matchmaker when they think they'll suffer if the date/relationship doesn't go well.

It's absolutely correct that the number of single men in their 50s and older (properly single, not separated, married and thinking about leaving their wives, divorced but still emotionally attached to their ex-wives) are fewer in Richmond than other cities. If a single lady is up for a little more effort and maybe wants to catch up on some books on CD/MP3 on long drives, I encourage her to expand her search a bit to Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, NoVA. There are lots of eligible veterans, federal employees, and retired defense contractors; the odds are much better than limiting a romantic search to 10 miles of one's zip code.

Finally, overseas adventures for the singles-over 50 crowd can be quite appealing. Statistically speaking, . If a single lady is full of energy and wants to expand her horizons, she's much more likely to find a mate in this self-selected group. A great place to start is . Plus, having an amazing shared experience is wonderful to bond over. 

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What to wear on the date?!? Clothing/jewelry for rock star single women over 40.

As I kick off my first blog post, I could think of no better subject matter than our September dating seminar on "What to wear on the date?!? Clothing/jewelry for rock star single women over 40." Joined by Elizabeth Ringas from , Marty Thompson from , held at the beautiful Short Pump , and attended by some pretty great ladies, we had a blast!

Marty, Elizabeth, and I hooted, giggled, and shimmied our way across the Aloft's lounge with our entertained attendees.

I started the evening with my own story of some pretty funny date-clothing fails and successes. I shared my beast-to-beauty turning point, which was a TV show promotional event at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. If you're not familiar with the show, two funny and a bit snarky fashion experts help the clothing challenged to be more stylish and attractive.

At the promo event they had dozens of interactive booths. People would plug in their weight and height, and then select flattering outfits. The best part is that you got a print out of the outfits and top 10 dressing tips for your body type. It was an eye-opening experience from me. I had that cheat sheet on the fridge for years. Even now, long after it has been recycled, I can still conjure up the recommendations.

My core principle when choosing clothes and accessories is to align my appearance with my authentic self, date, work, or otherwise. I encouraged the attendees to keep that in mind when getting ready for their next date.

In other words, when planning for their next dates, I suggested that the attendees think about

  • What do you want your appearance to communicate?

  • If there is a disconnect between your clothing and jewelry and what your date will think about you, what changes do you need to make?

Finally, I recommended three tips to the seminar attendees --

  • Wear tailored and well fitted clothes and bra

  • Balance between the sexy and feminine

  • Shapewear is miraculous

Next Marty took the stage. She discussed various body types and clothes that are most flattering for each. Elizabeth, Marty, and I modeled Cabi's lovely fall clothing and she showed us how to add/remove layers to switch from workday to evening looks. She shared fashion tips and creative ideas to use a scarf. Some attendees were so excited they even bought some excellent clothes and accessories that evening!

Finally, Elizabeth presented on esbe jewelry and demonstrated the value of a long necklace (wrap them up during the day and wear long for a date), layers of necklaces, and being bold with various metals. She shared a cool insight – men prefer sparkling stones, which explains the generations of diamonds as the center stone for engagement rings.

It was fantastic night and I look forward to sharing more tips with our attendees at the October Meetup,"Looking smokin' hot for your online profile pics!" For more information and to sign up, register at (