Hi! My name is Mona and I am the founder of River City Romance. This whole dating consulting service for RVA single women was inspired by a leadership book on . Really! I was so impressed with her tenacity and ability to solve difficult problems that I was energized to help women who wanted to find love.

Make a commitment to yourself and your own happiness and let's work together to help you find a meaningful relationship.

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To provide you the best quality service, I have combined some pretty funny and entertaining dating experiences with hundreds of hours of extensive research. I distilled the very best out there to give you the most spot-on advice. In addition to the academic research, I have spent over a third of my life dating. I've been on the love roller coaster enough to experience some incredible highs and lows. I transformed myself from being dorky, awkward, palms-sweating to a confident and sexy woman who had a blast on dates and met some wonderful men in the process. I am now recently and happily married, and will bring the insights I've gained to our dating consulting relationship. I've seen how the dating scene has changed and can share my insights and lessons learned with you.

I am excited to help you find your own happy ending, as I did, and start a fulfilling life with the one you love!